Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Look Out World! Vonage Launches Digital Prepaid Calling Card!

Vonage put out a press release today announcing the launch of it's new stand alone, Digital prepaid calling card offering. A first for Vonage! They have long had a calling card feature bundled with their home phone service but they never offered a stand alone calling card until now.

The card is available exclusively online and is can be purchsed in $5, $15 or $25 amounts. The $15 purchase amount comes with a limited time intro promotional $5 bonus and the $25 purchase amount comes with a limited time inro promotional $10 bonus. The product seems to have very aggressive, yet not rock bottom, A to Z rates on par with it's main competitors like Pingo and PennyTalk. Some sample rates for the card are as follows:

  • India $0.017/min
  • Mexico $0.033/min
  • UK $0.01/min
  • Philippines $0.109/min
  • Pakistan $0.111/min

Vonage Digital Calling Card Promo
New Vonage Digital Calling Card

There are no connection fees, no monthly fees and is fully rechargeable! However, the card is not completely fee free, charging a $2 inactivity fee per month after 6 months of no use.

The card also offers pinless dialing from up one registered phone, speed dial settings and a convenient auto recharge option.

For more information about this card, visit the Vonage website at


Mike Nevski said...

try this is what I use now

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interesting piece of information..
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