Sunday, March 03, 2013

Next Angel LLC Aquires Majority of Vivaro Corporation's Assets

In the latest news on the Vivaro Corporation Bankruptcy, a joint venture lead by Angel Telecom, Next Communications Inc. and Marcatel Telecommunications, LLC announced last month that they have acquired all of the assets of Vivaro Corporation and most all sub company assests. The joint venture company is to be called Next Angel LLC, with Angel Telecom having the largest stake at 42.5% overall.

Vivaro and six of it's sub companies including STi Prepaid, STi Telecom, Kare Distribution filed for Bankruptcy protection back in September of 2012 after running into some significant cash flow issues due to various missteps by the company in recent years. The companies main business revolved around selling prepaid calling cards to the Spanish speaking customers in the US and was once a very dominant player in the prepaid phone card industry.

Angel Telcom AG was founded in 2004 and is located in Switzerland. Their website which now shows as under construction includes a brief blurb about it's new aquisition and it's stargey going forward:

"as you already might have heard this year started out to be very exciting for Angel-Telecom. Significant network expansion and the successful acquisition of 42.5% of the assets of Vivaro Corp. in the US made us decide to give our website the long needed work over. We will soon be back with our relaunch1"
It's clear based on some comments posted in another article by Peter Waneck, Angel Telecom's CEO, that they truly believe in a solid future for prepaid calling cards, but also acknowledge that only through strong management and  forward looking behavior will they achieve success. Seems a little vague to put much belief in it, especially to those of in this business for years. Time will tell I guess but I wish them all luck!